Provide your customers and employees a native mobile application experience for iOS.
  • Although we optimize our mobile web experience for mobile devices, native applications give your users the experience they have come to expect in an app-dominated mobile world.
  • Leverage app-only features such as push notifications and location awareness to provide an experience not available on the mobile web.
  • Make it easy for your customers to rate products, add notes, and bookmark products for later purchase without having to be at a computer.
  • Enable your customers to quickly find new products that match their preferences using our mobile-only Product Browsing feature which lets them define taste profile, color, country, price range, etc. to quickly narrow down the products they will be interested in.
Give your customers a customized mobile application with your store's name, logo, colors, and branding.
  • Although we provide all CornerVine stores a native mobile experience using the CornerVine app, we can also completely customize your application so the name and logo of the application reflects your store in the app stores.
  • Your customers will will see your application logo and your application name on their phones for your store.
  • When your customers are using your app, they cannot switch to other stores like they can in the default CornerVine application.
  • CornerVine takes care of all app certificates, app store submissions, app store approval process management, etc.
Leverage the built-in barcode scanner to improve the experience for both your employees and your customers
  • Scanning a UPC code from a bottle will immediately load that product's details in the app.
  • If you use custom pricing labels in the store with barcodes that associate with products in your point of sale system, we can integrate those barcodes into the scanner, not just UPC codes.
  • If your employees are using the app to take photos of products, scanning a UPC or pricing label will immediately bring up the product, and taking a photo is just one tap away.
  • If you provide gift registries, your customers and employees can quickly scan a barcode for a product and select the quantity to add to the registry.
  • If you provide CornerVine gift cards or integrate your gift card program into CornerVine, your customers can quickly scan the barcode on the gift card to add the balance to their CornerVine accounts or to check the balance of their cards.
Make it easy for your customers to buy from you when they're not in the store.
  • The CornerVine app and custom apps all feature the full e-commerce system built into the core CornerVine product.
  • If your customers are enjoying wine, spirits, or beer at a restaurant or at a friend's, then can pull our their phone and add products to their cart and pay immediately or when they have more time.
  • If a customer starts shopping on the desktop using the web version of your CornerVine site, the cart will be available the next time they open your mobile app.
  • Your customers can buy and claim gift cards directly in the mobile app, and can use their gift cards for purchases without needing to be in your store.