Gift cards are a great way to increase your sales and introduce new customers to your store. Online gift cards are even better.
  • Allow your customers to quickly and easily buy gift cards through your CornerVine website or mobile application without the need to come into the store.
  • A gift card can automatically be emailed to the recipient, after which they can print it for use in-store, add it to their CornerVine account for online purchases, or both.
  • If the buyer wants to give the gift card to the recipient in person, the gift card can be downloaded and printed.
  • Printed gift cards can be used in-store as normal gift cards, or they can be loaded into a customer's online account for online purchases.
  • Printed gift cards are formatted to be folded into actual cards, with your custom image on the front, the gift card information and barcode inside, and with your terms and conditions on the back.
Already using an integrated gift card system? No problem!
  • If your existing gift card provider has an API (Application Programming Interface) for their gift card system, we can integrate your existing gift card system into your CornerVine gift card solution.
  • You can sell gift cards online that will create gift cards in your existing system instead of in your online system.
  • Your existing gift cards can be used for online purchases, and gift cards sold online can be printed and processed as if they were the same physical gift cards you're already selling.
  • If your existing gift card provider does not have a compatible API, you can still sell online gift cards, and they can still be used for online purchases or printed for use in-store. Our mobile application can still be used to process those gift cards in-store.